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Movie Time

While trying to thin my ridiculously overfilled Netflix queue I came across Taxi Driver. Having never watched it before I figured it was a good time as any and…wow does that movie SUCK! I’m sure back in the day that was some mind blowing shit but since I have the attention span of a fruit fly hopped up on meth and Pixie Sticks I didn’t see the appeal. It had some really bad acting from some great actors and the climax looked like an outtake from Monty Python. And now you know why I’m not allowed to pick Oscar winners.

Fate has a funny way of intervening in even the most mundane events. My hectic schedule prevented me from starting on the MSP-430 project, but I resolved my issue with OSEPP.  After contacting the company they issued me a replacement board which is working fantastically. After getting the driver to load I uploaded the blink …



unsolicited disney

Tears. No, really.

The last Kirby.

The last Kirby.